Recording/Producer Services in Glasgow

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Purple Drum is a home recording studio based in Glasgow associated with anyone with a passion for music and who want to start recording. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry and an honours degree in Music Technology, Robbie can provide you with a creative, friendly and productive service in a stress free environment. Get in touch today to get started with your next recording project or if you have any questions. The company has gained valuable experience and knowledge through the continued involvement in the creative industries.


48 hour maximum turn around, 3 month project time frame, no need to rush your creativity, support from a producer with over 10 years of experience, only £400 for a 4 track EP! (fee of £20 for booking drum room to record in, rehearsal rooms not included, no drum kit provided). 


Guitar lessons based in Glasgow for all ages. Working together we will create a plan that best suits you. Robbie has the know how to help you with technique, style, lead/rhythm work and much more! He will also cover the fundamentals of music theory, breaking it all down and will teach you ways to use it in a song-writing context. Only £20 per hour, get in touch for Guitar Tuition in Glasgow! 


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